Bul and Bal on patreon

Hello everybody!
Bul and Bal crowdfunding campaign is in preparation on patreon platform!
Also, I'm moved to Viborg (Denmark) in The Open Workshop to work on Bul and Bal full comic album in next four months!
Success on this project also depends on you!

It means you will be able to:
1.) help me with building audience by: a) informing other people about my patreon campaign on your social networks, and b) by following and sharing Bul and Bal facebook.
2.) Become a part of Bul and Bal universe community by applying your Bul and Bal fan art! It means that I will post your illustrations (or whatever) on B&B social networks, and on patreon blog, with links to your works, and I will be eternally grateful!
3.) You can make short 2D animated clip of your favorite character from B&B universe (5sec maximum) which will be used as 'thank you' message during the patreon campaign every-time when someone bid my project! (You will get detailed instructions about visual style and content of animated clips)
4.) directly support Bul and Bal through the patreon crowdfunding! 

Options 1 - 3: you can start NOW!!!
Option 4: you need to check Bul and bal facebook page for announcement for the campaign!
You can apply your fan art on my e-mail: markodjeska (et) gmail (.) com or via bul and bal facebook. 


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