Time-laps coloring video of Hermengildo

This is 1000x speed time-laps digital coloring of character - Hermengildo.

Bul and Bal is Sci-fi adventure comic series!
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60 million years ago an advanced race transported dinosaurs from the ‘Ancient Earth’ into a distant Solar system to save them from extinction.
Today, in the other end of the galaxy, aggressive dinosaurs called Draconicons dominate the space around them, using peaceful dinosaurs Fexirians as slaves. Two teenage Fexirian brothers, Bul
and Bal, confront them and manage to save their tribe. After the fight they find themselves on a course to a mythical place where all dinosaurs once came from, the planet called Earth.

Bul and Bal comic episode (16 pages) is published in popular Heavy metal magazine #269 in 2014.

Thanks for support to my favorite melodic punk band from Croatian - Loš Primjer!
(Your promissed land, God song, Treća dimenzija, lebel: Studio Depth, 2011)


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